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Hey look! It's me!

I first started writing when I was about 8-years-old. I wrote a story, which I planned on having adapted into a play, about 4 friends who enter a mysterious amusement park, and only 1 comes out. Yikes! I wasn’t a creepy kid, I just had an active imagination and that has served me well all the way into adulthood. I took a break from writing after that and didn’t pick up the pencil until I was 19, but by then I was in college pursuing a degree in Psychology (I may have been trying to address those early childhood issues.) so writing was put on hold.

Finally, after getting married, earning a graduate degree in Psychology, and sending my son off to Kindergarten, I started to write again. No more thrillers for me, I write children’s books! Luckily, I still get to use my active imagination, but now it’s to think of weird, silly, or quirky ideas that get those little imaginations moving.

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I am the PAL coordinator for SCBWI-MI! Always looking for ways to promote the books of Michigan's published authors, I find book festivals, stores, and events where PAL's can connect with readers and sell their books. Please, feel free to reach out if you Want to talk with me about a PAL opportunity?