A Little About Me.

Hey look! It's me! 

I first started writing when I was about 8-years-old. I wrote a story, which I planned on having adapted into a play, about 4 friends who enter a mysterious amusement park, and only 1 comes out. Yikes! I wasn’t a creepy kid, I just had an active imagination and that has served me well all the way into adulthood. I took a break from writing after that and didn’t pick up the pencil until I was 19, but by then I was in college pursuing a degree in Psychology (I may have been trying to address those early childhood issues.) so writing was put on hold.

Finally, after getting married, earning a graduate degree in Psychology, and sending my son off to Kindergarten, I started to write again. No more thrillers for me, I write children’s books! Luckily, I still get to use my active imagination, but now it’s to think of weird, silly, or quirky ideas that get those little imaginations moving.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email, Twitter, or FaceBook.

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Fun Facts About Jodi


Favorite book - Ferdinand by Munroe

Leaf is my all-time favorite picture book. Otherwise, I really like the Harry Potter books, The Graveyard Book, and any book by Ken Follett.

Least liked day of the week - Tuesday

Ugh, it’s not the beginning of the week, not the middle, and not the almost weekend. The only good thing about Tuesday, is that I get to eat my favorite food.

Favorite food - Ice Cream!

Ice cream makes anything better which is why I have dubbed Tuesdays, Ice cream Tuesdays. Believe me when I say it’s better than taco Tuesdays.

Biggest fear - Spiders.

I shudder even thinking of them right now. I also am not a fan of jellyfish, open water (which may be linked to my fear of jellyfish), and elevators.

An animal I would hug everyday - Definitely a sloth.

Those little furries are so stinkin’ cute and they look like they give good hugs. Slow, but good hugs.

Most watched shows as a child - Thundercats (Hoooooo!), Fragle Rock, Looney Toons, and the Saturday/Sunday afternoon thrillers.

Now, I watch The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Wild Kratts, The Voice, and a few others.